East Rand Golf Balls uses a Unique Double Application Printing Method on all Golf Balls Printed

Our golf ball printing is uniquely done by a double print on all our jobs.

We print one or two colour logo prints on golf balls, but for durability apply the ink twice (see inserted video)

East Rand Golf Balls guarantees quality printing on all our balls and have affordable prices on a range of golfball brands like Nike, Callaway, Srixon and Taylormade.

The double application printing on the golf balls works as follows:

  • We expose the plates
  • Mix our industrial ink with an H1 Hardener
  • Print the first and second layer on every colour
  • Expose the end product to heat
  • Repack the golf balls into their sleeves


Please note that although we can print and deliver any order in less than 48 hours we recommend that the printed balls are only struck within 7 to 10 days from the printing date.